Hot Wife Shared

My wife Joyce and I have always enjoyed reading letters and stories
about a lifestyle we have found to be exciting for both of us. That life
style is wife sharing. I truly enjoy sharing Joyce with other men while
she enjoys the excitement and sex from many different partners.

Until recently I have found and offered her to most of her partners.
We have lost count of how many different men she has had sex with but it
has been over 75 in the 13 years of our marriage. On one trip to Florida
we visited an on premise swing club and Joyce had sex with seven
different men in one night. All of the men were total strangers and
fucker her several times. We never knew three of the men’s names but that
was OK because in the large mattress room everyone is considered fair

Because we enjoy hearing from other couples who enjoy spouse sharing
we decided to share our experiences also. As I stated I really get into
sharing, especially watching, Joyce have sex with other men. She is
currently dating three men on a regular basis. In fact she is taking a
shower for a date with Tom, a man I introduced her to, tonight so later
I’ll be getting what I enjoy most, ‘sloppy seconds’.

Knowing Tom what I’ll really be getting is very sloppy fourths or
fifths. He always screws her several times and fills her with very large
loads of thick jism. Two weeks ago Tom picked Joyce up at our house to
take her dancing.

Joyce was running late and was still in the shower when Tom arrived
so being a good host I offered him a drink. Our talk soon turned to sex,
or more appropriately sex with Joyce. Tom told me that he and Joyce had
incredible sex together. He said Joyce was able to keep him hard after
his first climax and that he almost always shot two loads before resting.
I told him that Joyce had told me that she enjoyed fucking him and that
she said he had to hold his hand over her mouth on several occasions to
muffle her excitement.

Tom laughed and said that what Joyce had told me was true. He said
that Joyce always wanted his first load in her mouth or pussy but then
she wanted him to fuck her ass. I told Tom she really enjoyed greek so
long as the guy’s cock wasn’t so large it hurt but that I wasn’t into
that very much so his help was appreciated.

Tom asked if I had ever actually seen Joyce getting it in the ass
from another man and I told him that I had not only seen her but that I
had a tape of her being fucked in the pussy and ass at the same time. He
asked if he could see the tape. I said sure and placed the tape in the

We were watching the tape when Joyce came downstairs to join us. She
took a seat between Tom and myself and greeted Tom with a very passionate
kiss. The TV screen was filled with Joyce’s image being fucked in the
missionary position. “Looks like you boys are enjoying the movie.” She
said placing her hand on Tom’s cock.

“I’m waiting to see you getting sandwiched.” Tom said. Looking at
the screen a few moments Joyce said. “It won’t be long before we’re
joined.” “Looks like you’re already joined.” Tom said. “Joined hell! It
looks like he’s trying to clime inside.” I said. “He was. And I loved
it.” Joyce said. We all laughed and I heard the unmistakable sound of
Tom’s zipper being pulled down.

I continued to watch the tape while from the corner of my eye I saw
Joyce’s head move to Tom’s lap. I knew she had engulfed his cock. “Oh
God!” Tom said softly. I got up to get my Nikon.

When I returned Joyce had gotten Tom’s trousers off and was keeling
between his legs. Tom’s cock shown wet as Joyce’s mouth engulfed and
released it. I knew she wanted to taste his cum and I wanted photos. I
noticed Tom’s balls and noted that Joyce had certainly told the truth
because they were enormous. They almost seemed deformed and I wondered
to myself if they might sometimes hurt.

We had completely forgotten the tape of Joyce being screwed. Tom’s
head was laying back on the sofa’s backrest, eyes closed. Joyce was busy
trying to entice Tom’s cock into releasing it’s liquid burden into her
eager mouth. I was taking as many snapshots as I could hoping I wouldn’t
run out of film before I captured Tom’s release.

I had taken 10 or 12 photos when Tom’s body stiffened. Without
releasing her mouth lock on Tom’s cock Joyce began to jack him harder.
She knew he was ready and wanted him to release everything. I positioned
myself to capture the moment.

I had just settled into position when Tom began shooting his load.
I knew Joyce would swallow as much. She always says she has never tasted
bad cum. Some better than others perhaps, but never bad. She never spits
the cum out and always laps up any spills. I have a very neat wife.

Joyce swallowed Tom’s initial blast but almost choked as he shot his
second. I snapped the shutter just as a very thick glob of white jism
flowed out of Joyce’s mouth and around Tom’s cock. It was so thick that
it seemed to make no effort to run down the shaft and Tom was already
shooting another glob into Joyce’s mouth. She managed to swallow most of
the remainder of Tom’s load then releasing her mouth hold on his cock she
licked the glob of jism that was still clinging to Tom’s shaft. I have
a photo of her as her tongue laps at the white fluid and another of Joyce
showing it on her tongue. Joyce swallowed this last bit of tom’s seamen
then said. “Just like MaxWell House coffee. Good to the last drop.” We
all laughed.

The tape had already ended when Joyce went into the bathroom to get
a warm wash cloth to clean Tom’s cock. “We’ll watch the tape again when
you two get home.” I told Tom as Joyce cleaned his cock. When she had
finished she turned and kissed me. I could taste Tom’s cum in her mouth.
“I’m going to fuck both of you when we get home.” Joyce said to me as Tom
pulled his pants on.

They returned home around midnight and Tom and we attempted to watch
the tape again but again we were diverted. Tom and I screwed Joyce until
four in the morning. She was in Heaven and I got to fuck her while Tom’s
load was still hot in her pussy.

I know this must make me sound gay or at least bi-sexual but I’m
not. I have no problems fucking or eating Joyce’s pussy after another man
has deposited a load inside her. In fact it turns me on if his cum is
still running out while I eat her clean. I enjoy the excitement and like
Joyce I don’t mind the taste of cum. On one occasion Joyce and I were in
a sixty-nine position with her on top while Tom fucked her doggy style.
I couldn’t help but to lick his cock trying to get to Joyce’s pussy and
when he shot off most of his cum found it’s way down my throat by way of
Joyce’s pussy.

Although Joyce dates other men she still dates Tom and he has spent
several sleepless, but enjoyable, nights at our house. I hope we can
continue our lifestyle for quite sometime. We both enjoy the excitement,
Joyce enjoys the sex, and I know there are many men who have enjoyed
Joyce’s favors. It’s fun to meet someone and wonder if they have already
or will soon fuck my wife. In fact Joyce called earlier and told me she
was going to be late because she had met someone and was going to his
apartment. I wonder what for. I wonder who.

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