Hot Campus Teenie

Hot Campus Teenie
Jason lifted a cufflinked hand at Daniel in mock accusation. “It’s
nice to know even the peasant masses can afford gold Rolexes,” he said,
waving at Daniel’s wrist with an evil grin.
Daniel mimed surprise. “Oh? This? A gift from a distant admirer. I’m
just an artist, I don’t have enough money to be counted among the Rich.
And I don’t have the looks or personality to match the arrogance of the
truly Self-Important.” Which was a lie, of course. The melting, kitchen
fire looks women had been sending him since he was 16 would tend to make
most guys haughty. But his easygoing, down to earth charm was no act.
Lydia’s bright face smiled up at him. It struck Daniel with the force of
blazing floodlights. It took an effort to maintain his composure and smile
“So what else do you do, Mr…” Jason inquired gently.

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