Girls Sharing Soft Rod

I must have fell asleep for a while, but when I woke I felt a warm
mouth licking my cock and balls. Both Barb and Carol were sharing my
soft rod and taking my balls into their mouths. My staff started to
harden as first one hot mouth then the other would slide down it. It
was exciting to see my cock being passed from from one beautiful woman
to another. I laid back and enjoyed the scene. Barb smiled up at me.
“You were great, she said”. Carol moved up next to me and kissed me.
“I’ve wanted you for some time. When Barb suggested a trio, I couldn’t
wait. We were waiting for you to come home when things got a little out
of hand, and thats when you walked in”.

I said I thought it was wonderful. I knew Barb had a few bi
experiences before, but not recently. Carol said she and Barb do each
other once in a while, just for fun. Barbara was still sucking me. Her
head was sliding up and down my hard cock. Carol watched as my rod
disappeared into Barb’s mouth. “I can’t believe she can swallow that
whole thing, I can only get most of it in, but I bet she could even
take more.”

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