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Teen dominatrix

“I’m going to untie you now,” said Gwen as she started to
loosen his bonding. “I have a whip that I’m not afraid to use, so
don’t try anything.” She gave him instructions to turn over. He
did, then let out a short yell as he felt a dildo at least two
inches in diameter entering his asshole. Then, she started
moving it in and out of his ass while he moaned and groaned in
pain. She grabbed a paddle and started beating his ass and
forcing the dildo in farther and farther, making his ass redder
and redder. Finally, she stopped and removed the dildo.
“Now I’m going to make it all worth your while,” she said as
she nudged him to roll over on his back again. She straddled his
face and said, “Go to it!”

Gorgeous Dress

Understated elegance draped itself in subtle forms all over her body.
The word “dress” was too plain for the stunning outfit she wore with
ethereal beauty. Sweeping folds of green and black implied that the
designer had captured silk, velvet and liquid steel in one soft, shimmery
The beautiful material caught the wash of illumination from the
chandeliers. Light danced across its dark surface in golden wavelets. In
a spotlight of shadow, each subtle movement caused a brief spillage of
light over the curves of her emerald green and matte black dress. She
sported the marked hues of equatorial jungle: a patterned cross of vibrant
green underbrush in heavy darkness.