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“That felt wonderful,” said Tom, “but why have your friends been
gone so long?”
Kathy went and unlocked the door and in walked Gwen and Janice.
“We weren’t gone long, we just didn’t want to disturb you two.” Each
of the girls had a box and Tom was curious as to what they contained.
But he didn’t have to wait very long, because the girls opened them
and dumped them out on the floor. Gwen went to lock the door while
Janice and Kathy took four ropes out of the pile and instructed Tom
to take off his clothes. He reluctantly removed them after a little
coaxing, and allowed the girls to tie him down.

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Her ass clamped around my rod and drew it in her. Barb was watching
this and fingering her clit. She got on her hands and knees next to
Carol and waved her ass at me. I removed my cock from Carol and it slid
right up Barb’s wet ass. I pumped her slowly for a short while. I was
fingering Carol’s pussy as I fucked my wife in the ass. My cock sank
deep in Barb’s ass and moved out again until just the head was still in
her, then back again to the hilt. This was magnificent!

As I fucked Barb in the ass, Carol was enjoying my fingering of her
pussy. I took a finger out and inserted it up her ass. She moaned and
pressed back against my finger. I continued to slide my finger in and
out of her ass. I removed my cock from Barb and once again switched
over to Carol’s ass. This time my cock slid right up her well
lubricated shaft. This was unbelieveable, I was ass fucking two girls.
I was starting to loose it and pumped Carols ass hard. My balls were
slapping against her when I pushed my cock completely up her ass. Barb
was behind me licking my ass hole. Her tongue was in my ass each time I
pulled out of Carol. I was cumming. I shoved my rod far up her ass and
let go. My whole body shook as I pumped my load deep in Carol’s ass. I
held her ass cheeks close to me and let my cum fill her. She moaned
loudly and wiggled her butt to get more. My limp dick slid out of her

“Happy birthday, big guy, Barb said. Bet you just can’t wait until
Christmas now, can you.”

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Barb moved down and continued her sucking of Carol’s pussy while I
straddled her chest. Her tits were under me as I watched my cock slide
in and out of her mouth. Barb moved up and began to lick my ass hole
with her tongue. She was reaming me slowly with her tongue probing my
opening while I fucked her friend in the mouth. After a few minutes of
this Barb got me off Carol and turned her over onto her stomach. Her
ass was sticking in the air. It was perfect. Barb smiled at me and
licked Carol’s pussy. She guided me behind Carol and slowly guided my
cock into her friends pussy. My prick slowly sank into her cunt. Her
pussy lips closed over my head and pulled me deeper inside her. Barb
was squeezing her tit and guiding her movements as I pumped my cock
harder and harder into her warm pussy. I felt like I would explode. I
yelled I was about to cum, as Barb pulled my cock from Carol’s cunt and
lay under me with her mouth open. She yanked and jerked my rod until I
came into her open mouth. Load after load poured from my swollen cock
into her mouth and dripped down her face. The hot white cum was
puddling in her mouth. Her tongue rolled it back and forth as I
watched. She move up and shared her treat with Carol. They kissed
furiously as they moved my cum from mouth to mouth. Little lines of it
dripped from their mouths and down their chins. This was the wildest
act I had ever seen. We all fell back exhauseted.

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He sipped at his drink.
She smiled at the older man. “No, I agree with you Jason.” Her voice
was that of an angel spending holidays at a favourite pool hall,
mellifluous yet strong. “Did you notice how they argued earlier? Must have
been a stressful evening for them.” Lydia’s moist, chocolate coloured eyes
moved casually to the area around Daniel. She gently smoothed her dress.
Jason cocked a grin and inclined his shock of silvery hair. “Still,
all in all, it’s been quite successful so far. I’ve enjoyed myself quite
thoroughly.” He lavished a bright smile on Lydia. Daniel performed an
internal roll of the eyes.
Lydia seemed to bypass the personal implication. “Yes…” she murmured
in her silken voice. “I’ve never seen so many of the Rich and
Self-Important in one place before.” Jason and Daniel both laughed.
Daniel smoothly took the opportunity to join in. He held the amused
tone of a popular radio DJ: “The important thing is that they know we
commoners respect and admire them for showing up en masse for us. It’s the
personal touch, you know.” Lydia grinned at him; Jason managed a polite
smile. Daniel guessed by the handsome old guy’s appearance and demeanor
that he was old money himself.

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