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Exhibitionist Wife

My wife barbara is 23 years old, 5’9″ tall with wavy brown hair
falling below her shoulders. She has a fantasic body. Her legs are
long and thin, her ass is firm and tight and a great set of tits. She
turns heads at the mall. I enjoy watching guys looking at her as we
walk by. Look all you want guys, but I’m getting it regular! She
enjoys it also. Barb is a little of an exhibitionist. She likes to
wear tight shorts and tee shirts with no bra. When her nipples get
hard and stick out under the flimsy cotton guys start to trip over
their tongues.
Sex with Barb is great. She can be slow and senuous or wild as a
beast. Her speciality is blow jobs. She can suck a cock like no one
else. Her throat is endless. My seven inches slides down her throat
until she licks my balls with her tongue. My cock feels so good when
she takes it all in her mouth and sucks on it. I love to cum deep in
her mouth. She sucks all the cum from my rod and swallows it or
sometimes she holds it and lets it drip from her lips onto her tits.
It is wild to see cum dripping from her mouth.