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Soft pink nipples

While he was doing this, Kathy moved under them and started
licking Gwen’s hanging breasts while Janice fingered her own wet
hole. Then he let go of Gwen and went for Kathy’s trim young
body. Since her head was near his cock, he got into wet and wild
69 with her. Of all they juices he’d tasted so far, hers was by
far the sweetest. He turned himself over and started flicking
his tongue over her soft pink nipples. Then he sat on her chest
and placed his stiff member between her tits and started moving
it between them as she rocked them back and forth. Soon he shot
a flood of cum right between her eager lips.
Then all three girls piled up on the bed with an assortment
of vibrators and dildos they brought with them. The combined
pleasure of Gwens cunt and Janices tits while watching Kathy get
off finally brought Tom to his biggest orgasm of the night, but
it stopped there.

Teen riding a dick

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While they were doing that, Gwen grabbed something out of the
pile and disappeared into the bathroom. Kathy and Janice soon
followed, each grabbing things out of the pile.
Before long, Gwen appeared wearing a french maid’s outfit and
carrying a duster. She immediately took the feather duster and
proceeded to tickle Tom’s genital area. “Ah monsieur, vous etes tres
tres dour!” she said, emphasizing the last three words by tapping on
his dick with the handle of the duster.
Then she put down the duster, and let down her hair. She cupped
her breasts in her hands and said, “I bet you’re just dying to see
these big, beautiful breasts, aren’t you?”

Take your hands off my head

I didn’t want to spoil the moment for you love, only be able to continue in my
own fashion. While using my hands to keep up the contact I lifted my mouth and
quietly asked you to move your hands to anyplace but my head. My shoulders
would be fine, my breasts that you seem to like to touch so very much. But
don’t force me or guide me or try in any way to add to what I’m doing to you

Knowing you were hungry for more I once again continued to cover you with my
lips, forming a tight seal and sucking again. This seems to please you so.
And again you placed a single hand this time on the crown of my head and gently
pressed down. Have you gone deaf my love? Taking my hand and moving yours I
continue, until….

Exhibitionist Wife

My wife barbara is 23 years old, 5’9″ tall with wavy brown hair
falling below her shoulders. She has a fantasic body. Her legs are
long and thin, her ass is firm and tight and a great set of tits. She
turns heads at the mall. I enjoy watching guys looking at her as we
walk by. Look all you want guys, but I’m getting it regular! She
enjoys it also. Barb is a little of an exhibitionist. She likes to
wear tight shorts and tee shirts with no bra. When her nipples get
hard and stick out under the flimsy cotton guys start to trip over
their tongues.
Sex with Barb is great. She can be slow and senuous or wild as a
beast. Her speciality is blow jobs. She can suck a cock like no one
else. Her throat is endless. My seven inches slides down her throat
until she licks my balls with her tongue. My cock feels so good when
she takes it all in her mouth and sucks on it. I love to cum deep in
her mouth. She sucks all the cum from my rod and swallows it or
sometimes she holds it and lets it drip from her lips onto her tits.
It is wild to see cum dripping from her mouth.

Teenie Twat

Between teens legs
Daniel unbuckled his belt and pushed the jeans down, quickly kicking
out of the pant legs. He didn’t bother with his socks, slowing only long
enough to hike the woman’s nightie. Her underwear was pink and equally
He pinched her butt hard. She yelped. Daniel slipped his hand inside
the back of her panties and moved to lightly squeeze her vaginal lips,
rubbing them slickly. His hand descended abruptly in a karate chop,
snapping the panties down to the woman’s knees with a resounding elastic
Holding her nightie up, he guided his cock to her entrance and rubbed
against it with his hard length. Daniel could hear her heavy breathing.
With deliberate slowness he eased into the tight stretchy world of
pleasure within the woman. The slow deep entry caused him to exhale
With his right hand he reached around her leg to touch his balls. He idly
played with her pubic hair as he finally finished the entry. He paused
there, lodged inside her, no movement but for the shallow tremble in
their chests while they breathed.
Daniel slowly pulled out, feeling her wetness guide his way. On the
way back in he kept his thrust marginally slower than glacial. Gradually
he built up a rhythm, keeping it going with smooth habit as wet friction
gave him its pleasure. His movements relaxed and steady, he took time to
fondle the girl’s breasts, to lick the back of her neck and bury his face
in her thick hair.

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