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Laughter again, from both of them this time, which trailed
away into silence. He looked suddenly, vulnerable, Raji thought, as
he sat there cross-legged on the wide bed. The silence grew more and
more awkward until Raji finally raised herself a little on her elbows,
letting the sheet fall down to bare her curving breasts and smiling,
puckered her lips for a kiss. He laughed again, and suddenly he was
swooping down on her in mid-laugh, slipping his broad hands around her
fragile frame. Raji was startled again before she began drowning in a
hail of fierce kisses and caresses. His hands explored in the lamplit
dimness what he could not see, curving to fit her small breasts, each
of which fit into the palms of his hands. He fumbled a little,
sometimes touching her too softly, sometimes too fiercely, but always
kissing so she was blinded by the rain and arching into his touch.

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It was Gwen’s turn again. Tom grabbed her immediately and
went for her large beautiful breasts, licking and sucking on one
stiff pink nipple while he rolled the other between his thumb and
forefinger. He got a stream of milk from one breast and moved
his mouth over to that one. He sucked and sucked, draining all
the juices from it. He then moved down between her legs and
started licking and kissing around her cunt, staying just barely
away from the clit. Then he started licking and burrowing his
tongue through the inner slices of her pussy lips. Next he went
for her clit and started licking it. When he finally bit down
softly on it, she came in a flow of warm juices in his face. He
then mounted her and slowly inserted his cock into her wet
snatch. He drove it in and out wildly until he shot his load.
Then she turned over and sat on the bed doggy style while he
licked her.

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“Please whip my ass! I want to feel the pain. Please!”
She dropped the skirt to the floor revealing the most
beautiful blonde pubic hair. “Ok girls, you can come out now.”
Janice and Kathy each entered the room completely naked and
holding various equipment. Janice went to work immediately
shaving Tom’s pubic hair. As soon as she was done, Kathy spread
on some nair to get rid of the stubble. Then Janice and Kathy got
on each side of him and started kissing and licking the newly
shaved area. Then, they each started licking up and down the rod
of his member for a while, getting it wet. Then they moved up to
the head and
embraced in a deep soul kiss with Tom’s dick between them.

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Kathy walked over to him and placed one hand on his shoulder and
one on her chest. “I like this one. Do we get to keep him?” she
asked Gwen with a touch of innocence in her voice.
“Why don’t you take him upstairs while Janice and I get the
As she hurriedly led him upstairs, Tom thought, “This could be
the best time I ever had,” and his cock became instantly erect.
They went into an upstairs bedroom and as soon as they got in
the door, Kathy closed and locked it. “I bet you’re really horny,”
she said with a very sexy voice. “Well, we’re just going to have to
take care of that. But until Gwen and Janice get back, you’re mine.”
She walked over to him, put her hand on the bulge in his jeans, and
kissed him. They moved over to the bed and she made him lay down.

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When she joined the party, he thought he was dreaming. But he
took another look, and prayed to God that he was awake. She was
standing in the doorway. She wasn’t that tall, but she was
beautiful. She had short, blond hair and beautiful eyes. (He
couldn’t tell what color they were from where he was standing.) She
had the most gorgeous smile. That wasn’t all, though: she had large
breasts that gave his cock a twitch. “This babe has a body on her,”
he thought. She stood there for a moment, just looking around. Then
she motioned to someone outside, and in walked a beautiful redhead
and an even better looking brunette. The blonde had on a red
skin-tight satin-look jumpsuit. The redhead wore a tight yellow
tanktop which accented her jutting nipples, and shorts which showed
off her curves beautifully. The brunette was in a tight denim
mini-skirt and a white blouse. Now, his cock was as hard as a rock.
He wasn’t shy, and since they were looking around the room, he
thought he’d introduce himself. He finished his drink, got four
more, and approached the girls with two in each hand.
“You ladies like a drink?” he asked.
“As a matter of fact, we would. Thanks,” replied the blond as
they took the three drinks.
“My name’s Tom,” said the guy.
“I’m Gwen. This,” she pointed to the redhead, “is Kathy, and
this,”pointing to the brunette, “is Janice.”
“Nice to meet you,” said Tom. “Are you looking for someone?”
“We just saw all the people outside and thought we’d like some
action,” Gwen said with a hint of sex in her voice that really turned
Tom on. He smiled as if he were saying, “Oh, so you girls are
looking for some sex, huh?”


Things were going well with you my newest lover, I was having fun pleasing you
and you were doing the same, until……

My lips were gently kissing your cock and my tongue was wandering over you. I
moved to take more of you in my mouth and suck you harder. I’m sure you were
only following your instincts, love, but it was a major mistake.

As the passions welted up within you and you began to moan and ask for more, I
tried very hard to please you. My mouth is, unfortunately quite small and
cannot accommodate your entire prick. I was going up and down on you and
sucking as best I could. Then…..

Your hands moved to my head, forcing me down on your further. My immediate
reaction was not as you anticipated. I moved forcefully against the pressure
of your hands, almost losing contact entirely.

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Her ass clamped around my rod and drew it in her. Barb was watching
this and fingering her clit. She got on her hands and knees next to
Carol and waved her ass at me. I removed my cock from Carol and it slid
right up Barb’s wet ass. I pumped her slowly for a short while. I was
fingering Carol’s pussy as I fucked my wife in the ass. My cock sank
deep in Barb’s ass and moved out again until just the head was still in
her, then back again to the hilt. This was magnificent!

As I fucked Barb in the ass, Carol was enjoying my fingering of her
pussy. I took a finger out and inserted it up her ass. She moaned and
pressed back against my finger. I continued to slide my finger in and
out of her ass. I removed my cock from Barb and once again switched
over to Carol’s ass. This time my cock slid right up her well
lubricated shaft. This was unbelieveable, I was ass fucking two girls.
I was starting to loose it and pumped Carols ass hard. My balls were
slapping against her when I pushed my cock completely up her ass. Barb
was behind me licking my ass hole. Her tongue was in my ass each time I
pulled out of Carol. I was cumming. I shoved my rod far up her ass and
let go. My whole body shook as I pumped my load deep in Carol’s ass. I
held her ass cheeks close to me and let my cum fill her. She moaned
loudly and wiggled her butt to get more. My limp dick slid out of her

“Happy birthday, big guy, Barb said. Bet you just can’t wait until
Christmas now, can you.”

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Barb moved up to join us and I laid between the two of them, their
tits against my chest as they licked my nipples. Barb said “You dummy,
you don’t even remember what day this is do you?” I said no and she
told me it was my birthday. Oh shit, I forgot. Barb said “Carol is
your present. You can have her anyway you like. We talked about it and
she will do anything you want”. Carol smiled at me and shook her head
yes. There was no doubt what I wanted to do with her. He ass was
beautiful. Tight and firm. I wanted to fuck her in the ass!

I said “Anything, I want?” “Uh hum, anything at all, she
responded”. “Barb, would you like to watch me fuck her in the ass?
Want to see my cock in her ass?” “Oh yeah, but you’ve got to fuck me
also. I want you in my ass too. I want to watch you fuck her then me
also”. Carol moved so she was kneeling on the bed. Her tits hung down
and her tight ass was exposed to our view. Barb licked her pussy and
her ass hole to lube her up for me. My cock was still wet from Barb’s
blow job earlier. I knelt behind Carol and spread her gorgeous ass
cheeks. I guided my cock to her ass hole and pushed slowly. Her ass
reisted at first, but when I pushed a little harder, the head of my cock
entered her anal hole. Carol cried out lowly. I paused to allow her
spincter muscle to relax, then slowly slid the rest of my prick up her
ass. My balls rested against her pussy as my cock was fully planted in
her ass. I stayed still as Carol moved back and forth on my cock. She
built a rythm that took the entire length of my cock. It was fantastic!

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I must have made some noise as they both stopped abruptly and looked
at me. Barb started laughing while Carol was trying to get under the
sheets. Obviously Carol did not expect me home. She was bright red
with embarrassment, unable to talk. I said nothing, but gave Barb a
long hard kiss. This seemed to relax Carol a bit. I leaned over her
and gave her also a long wet kiss, my tongue exploring her mouth. She
reacted in kind and sucked on my tongue. I slowly peeled the sheet
away exposing her naked, beautiful body. Her nipples were sticking out
straight and hard. Her chest was heaving up and down and I ran my
fingers over her tits and pinched her nipples. She closed her eyes and
relaxed completely as I explored her body. I moved my hand to her cunt
and gently spread her legs. Her pussy was still wet from my wife’s
mouth. I slowly inserted one finger in her pussy and moved it around.
A small whimper escaped from Carol. I continued to move my finger
around inside her cunt and squeeze her tits a little harder.

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My wife Joyce and I have always enjoyed reading letters and stories
about a lifestyle we have found to be exciting for both of us. That life
style is wife sharing. I truly enjoy sharing Joyce with other men while
she enjoys the excitement and sex from many different partners.

Until recently I have found and offered her to most of her partners.
We have lost count of how many different men she has had sex with but it
has been over 75 in the 13 years of our marriage. On one trip to Florida
we visited an on premise swing club and Joyce had sex with seven
different men in one night. All of the men were total strangers and
fucker her several times. We never knew three of the men’s names but that
was OK because in the large mattress room everyone is considered fair
game. (more…)

Artist and his works

It was only later, when the two got frisky again and decided to take
it to the bedroom, that Daniel’s live-in girlfriend came home early from
work with the flu and a serious headache. She was looking for a hug, some
warm blankets, and a mug of hot chocolate. What Angie found instead was
Daniel on his knees receiving an elaborate and very enthusiastic blowjob
from the Portuguese in the bed the two of them had shared for over a year.
Angie blew up. She tore through the place, destroying enough of Daniel’s
artwork to occupy months of his time repainting. With the Portuguese fled
and Angie’s blonde strands matted against her face by tears and sweat, she
turned on Daniel. “HOW COULD YOU?” she’d shrieked. The relationship had
ended there.
Daniel shuddered at the memory and stared hauntingly at the painting
he’d done right after the split, hanging now in the vast study. The
painting he gave away to purge off his guilt and sadness. To this day
Daniel wasn’t quite sure why he’d painted his former girlfriend stretched
out in the exact pose taken by the Portuguese girl. Angie looked beautiful
in the picture even with her back facing you. If only he could see her eyes…
Daniel looked away to catch Lydia wandering about the other paintings.
He drained the last of his brandy and set the glass down on an oak table.
His head buzzed slightly from the alcohol. Lydia glanced his way as he
approached. (more…)

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coed teen sex
The Portuguese grunted as he began thrusting fully. His extensions
were smooth and quick. Images of a thousand ceremonial steel swords
whisking in and out of smooth sheathes filled his head as the pleasure
mounted. Desperately now Daniel reached to finger the woman’s clitoris.
Rubbing quickly, furiously, and in time with his thrusts, Daniel elicited
a long series of gasps from the woman’s panting, wide open mouth. They
were close.
He kept pounding her until he felt something twinge in his balls, a
clicking gate that took a slight second to open. And then he came,
flooding her with his come, his mind seizing up with pleasure and burning
in the orgasmic joy. He wrapped his strong arms tightly around her stomach
and squeezed. His cock rammed itself in as far as it could while he came
and came and came, jetting silent rainbows of essence into her open
depths. The world lost focus and slipped off its axis.

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Her outstretched hand froze along with the rest of her body. Then,
very slowly, she began grinding her rear end in slow circles against his
cock. Daniel thrust forcefully against the crack of her ass through the
thin nightie. His hands moved to her sides to steady himself as he heard
her mutter something quietly in Portuguese. Something de dios.
Daniel moved his hands around to her chest and clutched a pair of
delightfully heavy, dark nippled breasts against the sheer fabric. He
squeezed rhythmically while dry humping her rear with slow, powerful
thrusts. The woman bent over until her breasts flattened against the
counter and turned her head to rest on a mane of dark flowing hair.

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Teenies Hardcore
Lydia stared at him attentively. Big beautiful browns, the
alliterative phrase popped up. “Of course, it also depends on what the
subject wants to do. It’s up to her to be the artist’s silent partner,
helping him shape the entire evolution of the picture. A really
outstanding subject is a treasure to find, at least for me.” He finished
somberly and stared at his glass.
A moment passed in silence. “Would you like to paint me?” she asked.
Another moment floated away. “Definitely,” he smiled. “Is that an offer?”
“Yes. Maybe.” Lydia tossed her shoulders in confusion and they both
broke out into laughter. When they looked back at each other both were

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Understated elegance draped itself in subtle forms all over her body.
The word “dress” was too plain for the stunning outfit she wore with
ethereal beauty. Sweeping folds of green and black implied that the
designer had captured silk, velvet and liquid steel in one soft, shimmery
The beautiful material caught the wash of illumination from the
chandeliers. Light danced across its dark surface in golden wavelets. In
a spotlight of shadow, each subtle movement caused a brief spillage of
light over the curves of her emerald green and matte black dress. She
sported the marked hues of equatorial jungle: a patterned cross of vibrant
green underbrush in heavy darkness.