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Teenie Lustful Babe

Most men would have been transfixed. Daniel patted his tuxedo absent-
mindedly for something he forgot, then realized with surprise he needed
nothing. He glanced at his elegant watch to check the time. Quarter past
eleven: getting late enough to be comfortable with the light inebriation
without feeling drowsy. When he looked up again the crowd had blocked his
view. Without hesitation he started making his way toward her end of the room.
She spotted him at once as he slipped between a young couple and a
gaggle of older wives. The middle aged women in their expensive finery
looked back at him as he passed, his lean figure cutting a devastatingly
handsome swath through their midst.
Daniel arrived at the young woman’s group unobtrusively. Holding his
glass of cherry brandy, he paid casual attention to the conversation. A
man in his early fifties, wearing a well tailored dark grey suit, was
speaking to the stunning woman who had taken over Daniel’s vision.
“Whatever you may say, Lydia, I think our host and hostess were more
surprised than they let on at the number of people who showed.” His
baritone voice flowed with the ease of a lifetime of conversation. Lydia,
Daniel echoed mentally as he registered her name.