Artist and his works

It was only later, when the two got frisky again and decided to take
it to the bedroom, that Daniel’s live-in girlfriend came home early from
work with the flu and a serious headache. She was looking for a hug, some
warm blankets, and a mug of hot chocolate. What Angie found instead was
Daniel on his knees receiving an elaborate and very enthusiastic blowjob
from the Portuguese in the bed the two of them had shared for over a year.
Angie blew up. She tore through the place, destroying enough of Daniel’s
artwork to occupy months of his time repainting. With the Portuguese fled
and Angie’s blonde strands matted against her face by tears and sweat, she
turned on Daniel. “HOW COULD YOU?” she’d shrieked. The relationship had
ended there.
Daniel shuddered at the memory and stared hauntingly at the painting
he’d done right after the split, hanging now in the vast study. The
painting he gave away to purge off his guilt and sadness. To this day
Daniel wasn’t quite sure why he’d painted his former girlfriend stretched
out in the exact pose taken by the Portuguese girl. Angie looked beautiful
in the picture even with her back facing you. If only he could see her eyes…
Daniel looked away to catch Lydia wandering about the other paintings.
He drained the last of his brandy and set the glass down on an oak table.
His head buzzed slightly from the alcohol. Lydia glanced his way as he
“They have one other painting have mine. Like to see it?”
Lydia nodded. Daniel took her wordlessly down a silent maze of
hallways and corridors until he himself was almost lost. Lydia felt sleepy
and lulled from all the walking, down the same white halls over and over
it seemed. Her eyelids fluttered and then she found herself in… a bedroom.
The room was huge. A four poster bed with gorgeous black and purple
satin sheets fit comfortably in a single corner. A mountain of silk
pillowcases, gold and black, depicted scarlet dragons dancing with winged
angels. The rest of the palatial bedroom was filled with potted plants,
expensive dressers, and a multitude of arranged mirrors. A jacuzzi bubbled
quietly near a walk-in closet the size of a garage. Lydia gasped in
Daniel went over to the wet bar tucked in another corner of the room.
He poured himself a fresh drink and took the liberty of fetching Lydia a
Long Island ice tea. He sat down on the bed, a trip in itself, and patted
the covers beside him. Lydia obligingly crossed the distance and sat down.
“Look up and forward,” Daniel said simply, handing her the ice tea. Lydia
Covering a square area of the ceiling as wide as Lydia was an amazingly
detailed painting of the ocean. White frothed waves roiled terrifyingly
over midnight blue and grey depths with amazing dimension and realism. It
was impossible not to feel the power of the waves, the unsteadying,
eternal sway of the water. The sense of loneliness and of longing.
And beneath the waves, vaguely outlined like a whale cruising the depths,
was a startling blue-green woman. She lay asleep, arms at her side, an
enormous, veiled presence tugged minutely by the currents. Floating
forever in a bed of dreaming waters, perhaps rolling once a millennium,
perhaps shifting with the change of the seasons. And this he had done.
“It’s beautiful,” Lydia whispered.
Daniel nearly blushed. Never had a compliment affected him so strongly.
He opened his mouth to say something. Lydia looked at him with her
captivating dark eyes, staring, staring as if hypnotized by a mirage in the
desert. They leaned forward and brushed lips with electric gentleness.
Lydia kissed Daniel lightly as wrapped his arms around her, pulling
her close for a soft hug. When he opened his eyes again they lay face to
face, side by side, on the smooth welcoming bedsheets. She was peering
deeply at him. “Your eyes are so beautiful,” she murmured, lightly
skimming his dark eyelashes with an index finger.
Daniel didn’t say anything. She traced a long slow path around his
clean shaven face with her finger, staring so intently Daniel felt as if
she were absorbing his whole image for all time. He half worried he would
be sucked up into her pinning gaze. She tilted his chin and moved to kiss
him strongly on the lips. Daniel felt a strange langorous ease hit him;
his eyes slipped shut as his whole body relaxed.
Lydia slowly undressed him with great excitement. With the tux jacket
and shirt off, she paused to survey his still form, bare to the waist. She
couldn’t help herself as she reached out to stroke his chest across the
pectoral muscles until she was caressing his nipples. She bent her torso
and brought her mouth to a soft nipple. Greedily she sucked it in,
smoothing his sides with her hands. She heard him give a resonant sigh as
she worked him.
Automatically her hands moved beneath to his firm back, to knead and
caress repeatedly. She glanced for an instant at his face. With shut eyes
and still expression you might guess him asleep but for his very slightly
parted lips which shook and deepened along with his breathing as she
nibbled hungrily.
Heart thumping, she ran her slippery tongue down the crevice between
his pectorals, tasting him, giving him pleasure. She heard his breath slip
a notch when her tongue did circles around his flat stomach. He laughed
helplessly when she tongued his belly button. Lydia giggled and suppressed
an evil grin.
Her hands moved surely to his zipper. She tapped the firm bulge in his
pants like a craftswoman surveying her work and flashed an impish grin.
Suspense and tingling excitement jostled within her supine form as she
unzipped his pants. Daniel lay there motionless, hers to do with as she
pleased. He shifted his lower body to make it easier for her to get at
him. Lydia took care to remove his pants without touching the underwear.
Not yet.
When he was naked except for briefs, she examined him. “Daniel,” she
“Yes,” he breathed, eyes closed.
“You have a good body, Daniel.” She placed her warm palm over his face
and smoothed it down the length of his body, detouring mischievously
around his groin on the way to curled toes. Lydia briefly considered
sucking on his feet then thought better of it with a private grin.
Crawling back to his crotch, she bit down on the plain white underwear.
She mentally damned him for not wearing boxers. Not very considerate of him,
part of her pouted as she dragged the underwear down with her teeth.
Daniel’s erection sprung up and brushed her cheek stiffly as she
backed down his legs with briefs in tow. Lydia stopped at his ankles and
nonchalently tossed it away. When she turned back to his erection, Daniel
was peeking back at her between a scissored hand which hide a broad smile.
Lydia moved up to his face, her vibrant dress brushing seductively against
his naked skin, and delicately shut his eyes without saying a word.
Quickly she undressed herself down to bra and panties. Lydia leaned
over his chest and rubbed her covered breasts against him. “Undo it,” she
commanded. Without looking Daniel fumblingly released the catch and pulled
the bra away. She shivered at the feel of her bare breasts against his
chest. Daniel silently opened his eyes and looked into hers. Their hungry
moans were muffled by questing lips.
Daniel kissed her without pretense, a deep close kiss that sealed the
two together passionately. Lydia parted her mouth and let his tongue slid
in. She rubbed her panties against his thigh, feeling herself getting wet
and wanting him badly. Daniel’s hands snapped off the underwear. He rolled
her over so that in an eyeblink he straddled her.
Naked together, the two made a startlingly beautiful picture as
Daniel’s finely wrought body hovered over Lydia between her shapely,
welcoming thighs. He pushed himself up and looked down on her, at the
swell of her rosy breasts, their pink nippled alertness; the way her hair
lay about her head in a wavy corona; the extraordinary smile she shone on
him; her pert nose and suckable earlobes; and the eyes, oh god her oceanic
Lydia grabbed him and rolled him back under her. She lifted her hips
off his thigh, leaving a patch of thin wetness, and hovered over his
penis. He raised his hips slightly to touch her labia. She firmly gripped
his cock and then lowered himself onto him, grunting once when she was in
Daniel’s hands reached out for hers; she took them and thus began the
most exquisite movements of Daniel’s life as she rocked back and forth on
his straining cock. Drops of pre-cum were lost in a sea of moist
lubrication; he thrust back at her, groaning.
Bump and grind: rolling, seaworthy motion that had them panting
heavily, sighing, spinning in this special dance. Her above him, moving
with the utmost grace and eagerness, him below and pumping upwards to meet
her. Groaning desire expressed each time she rode the wave of his cockhead,
tickling her clit, spiralling pleasure up and down his length. The sharp,
wet, slick thrusts, the confusion of lust in the heat of contact. So
smooth, so good…
“Yessssss,” Lydia purred growlingly, pumping him back down against the
sheets with her powerful pelvis. Daniel turned his head away and groaned
plaintively. She saw with distraction he was near coming and started
bucking faster. With an evil look of pleasure she raised her hand and
slapped his cheek HARD in mid-thrust, her breasts jiggling with the force
of the blow.
Daniel gasped, knocked fifteen feet off the plateau he had so nearly
scaled. He lay there in shock, still erect, experiencing the delicious
pleasure as it diminished in pulses. Lydia continued to slide up and down his
stiff cock, her vagina viselike around him in its slippery grip. Slowly
he felt the pleasure returning.
When Daniel reached up to caress a breast she finally lost control and
orgasmed shudderingly, the ecstasy slamming her hard enough to drive a
grunting cry from the depths of her belly. She squirmed about Daniel’s
cock and gasped shockingly as ecstasy shook her sleek, sweat-sheened body.
Daniel felt the impact of the orgasm as a wave of intense empathic and
physical pressure.
Two steps away, he thought madly, pumping furiously as she collapsed
over him. He felt her breasts squish him delightfully and smelled her
particular intoxicating odour under the musty blanket of their sex.
Something was building in his cock as it rode strongly within its wet
Daniel thrust unceasingly, then pulled out abruptly, sticking straight
up in the open air and groaning as he unloaded a sudden arc of sperm on
Lydia’s softly trembling backside above him. Again he came and cried out,
squeezing out more of his seed. Squeezing, coming, jerking up, bucking
heedlessly in thin air, unthinkingly whimpering.
Grunting with delirious passion, he at last subsided into oblivious
murmurs. His spent cock still jerked softly as the last of the orgasm
faded like a supernova imprinted on the back of his skull. He moaned,
lolling his head until it knocked against Lydia’s, sudden but dulled pain.
“Ouch,” she sighed happily.
“Uhmmmmmnn,” he groaned in agreement while his hands clutched and ran
through her perfect hair. She patted his cheek affectionately and licked an
earlobe. Daniel stayed on his back, gathering Lydia in his arms to hold her
Slowly his head turned until he was looking up past Lydia’s soft
shoulder at the stange undersea woman he’d once painted. Daniel stared at
the ceiling and reassuringly stroked Lydia until he slipped fully into
unconsciousness, to sleep. Perchance to dream.

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