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Cum soaked

After that, they moved to the bathroom and took a hot
shower. They all soaped up his cock and ass and switched off
getting fucked by Tom and fucking his asshole with a dildo. They
finally got cleaned up and went back to the bedroom to get some
sleep (after, of course, removing the cum soaked sheets from the

Soft pink nipples

While he was doing this, Kathy moved under them and started
licking Gwen’s hanging breasts while Janice fingered her own wet
hole. Then he let go of Gwen and went for Kathy’s trim young
body. Since her head was near his cock, he got into wet and wild
69 with her. Of all they juices he’d tasted so far, hers was by
far the sweetest. He turned himself over and started flicking
his tongue over her soft pink nipples. Then he sat on her chest
and placed his stiff member between her tits and started moving
it between them as she rocked them back and forth. Soon he shot
a flood of cum right between her eager lips.
Then all three girls piled up on the bed with an assortment
of vibrators and dildos they brought with them. The combined
pleasure of Gwens cunt and Janices tits while watching Kathy get
off finally brought Tom to his biggest orgasm of the night, but
it stopped there.