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Teen gets her pussy licked

It was Gwen’s turn again. Tom grabbed her immediately and
went for her large beautiful breasts, licking and sucking on one
stiff pink nipple while he rolled the other between his thumb and
forefinger. He got a stream of milk from one breast and moved
his mouth over to that one. He sucked and sucked, draining all
the juices from it. He then moved down between her legs and
started licking and kissing around her cunt, staying just barely
away from the clit. Then he started licking and burrowing his
tongue through the inner slices of her pussy lips. Next he went
for her clit and started licking it. When he finally bit down
softly on it, she came in a flow of warm juices in his face. He
then mounted her and slowly inserted his cock into her wet
snatch. He drove it in and out wildly until he shot his load.
Then she turned over and sat on the bed doggy style while he
licked her.

Tonguing her wildly

He started tunguing her wildly. Then Kathy placed herself
on his rod and started moving up and down. After a few minutes
of sucking and fucking, Tom came, then Gwen, and finally Kathy.
Then the two girls got off and it was Janices turn.
Tom sat up as Janice layed down on her back and lifted her
legs for easy penetration. He impaled himself in her. After the
reached an orgasm, he moved his head down and buried himself
between her legs. He started flicking his tongue over her clit
and then sliding it up and down her crack. Then he had her turn
over doggy style and licked her snatch again from behind as he
grabbed her tits and squeezed them.

Teen dominatrix

“I’m going to untie you now,” said Gwen as she started to
loosen his bonding. “I have a whip that I’m not afraid to use, so
don’t try anything.” She gave him instructions to turn over. He
did, then let out a short yell as he felt a dildo at least two
inches in diameter entering his asshole. Then, she started
moving it in and out of his ass while he moaned and groaned in
pain. She grabbed a paddle and started beating his ass and
forcing the dildo in farther and farther, making his ass redder
and redder. Finally, she stopped and removed the dildo.
“Now I’m going to make it all worth your while,” she said as
she nudged him to roll over on his back again. She straddled his
face and said, “Go to it!”