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Gorgeous Smile And Big Tits

When she joined the party, he thought he was dreaming. But he
took another look, and prayed to God that he was awake. She was
standing in the doorway. She wasn’t that tall, but she was
beautiful. She had short, blond hair and beautiful eyes. (He
couldn’t tell what color they were from where he was standing.) She
had the most gorgeous smile. That wasn’t all, though: she had large
breasts that gave his cock a twitch. “This babe has a body on her,”
he thought. She stood there for a moment, just looking around. Then
she motioned to someone outside, and in walked a beautiful redhead
and an even better looking brunette. The blonde had on a red
skin-tight satin-look jumpsuit. The redhead wore a tight yellow
tanktop which accented her jutting nipples, and shorts which showed
off her curves beautifully. The brunette was in a tight denim
mini-skirt and a white blouse. Now, his cock was as hard as a rock.
He wasn’t shy, and since they were looking around the room, he
thought he’d introduce himself. He finished his drink, got four
more, and approached the girls with two in each hand.
“You ladies like a drink?” he asked.
“As a matter of fact, we would. Thanks,” replied the blond as
they took the three drinks.
“My name’s Tom,” said the guy.
“I’m Gwen. This,” she pointed to the redhead, “is Kathy, and
this,”pointing to the brunette, “is Janice.”
“Nice to meet you,” said Tom. “Are you looking for someone?”
“We just saw all the people outside and thought we’d like some
action,” Gwen said with a hint of sex in her voice that really turned
Tom on. He smiled as if he were saying, “Oh, so you girls are
looking for some sex, huh?”

Take your hands off my head

I didn’t want to spoil the moment for you love, only be able to continue in my
own fashion. While using my hands to keep up the contact I lifted my mouth and
quietly asked you to move your hands to anyplace but my head. My shoulders
would be fine, my breasts that you seem to like to touch so very much. But
don’t force me or guide me or try in any way to add to what I’m doing to you

Knowing you were hungry for more I once again continued to cover you with my
lips, forming a tight seal and sucking again. This seems to please you so.
And again you placed a single hand this time on the crown of my head and gently
pressed down. Have you gone deaf my love? Taking my hand and moving yours I
continue, until….


Things were going well with you my newest lover, I was having fun pleasing you
and you were doing the same, until……

My lips were gently kissing your cock and my tongue was wandering over you. I
moved to take more of you in my mouth and suck you harder. I’m sure you were
only following your instincts, love, but it was a major mistake.

As the passions welted up within you and you began to moan and ask for more, I
tried very hard to please you. My mouth is, unfortunately quite small and
cannot accommodate your entire prick. I was going up and down on you and
sucking as best I could. Then…..

Your hands moved to my head, forcing me down on your further. My immediate
reaction was not as you anticipated. I moved forcefully against the pressure
of your hands, almost losing contact entirely.

Cum Filled Ass

Her ass clamped around my rod and drew it in her. Barb was watching
this and fingering her clit. She got on her hands and knees next to
Carol and waved her ass at me. I removed my cock from Carol and it slid
right up Barb’s wet ass. I pumped her slowly for a short while. I was
fingering Carol’s pussy as I fucked my wife in the ass. My cock sank
deep in Barb’s ass and moved out again until just the head was still in
her, then back again to the hilt. This was magnificent!

As I fucked Barb in the ass, Carol was enjoying my fingering of her
pussy. I took a finger out and inserted it up her ass. She moaned and
pressed back against my finger. I continued to slide my finger in and
out of her ass. I removed my cock from Barb and once again switched
over to Carol’s ass. This time my cock slid right up her well
lubricated shaft. This was unbelieveable, I was ass fucking two girls.
I was starting to loose it and pumped Carols ass hard. My balls were
slapping against her when I pushed my cock completely up her ass. Barb
was behind me licking my ass hole. Her tongue was in my ass each time I
pulled out of Carol. I was cumming. I shoved my rod far up her ass and
let go. My whole body shook as I pumped my load deep in Carol’s ass. I
held her ass cheeks close to me and let my cum fill her. She moaned
loudly and wiggled her butt to get more. My limp dick slid out of her

“Happy birthday, big guy, Barb said. Bet you just can’t wait until
Christmas now, can you.”