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Ass cheeks

Barb moved up to join us and I laid between the two of them, their
tits against my chest as they licked my nipples. Barb said “You dummy,
you don’t even remember what day this is do you?” I said no and she
told me it was my birthday. Oh shit, I forgot. Barb said “Carol is
your present. You can have her anyway you like. We talked about it and
she will do anything you want”. Carol smiled at me and shook her head
yes. There was no doubt what I wanted to do with her. He ass was
beautiful. Tight and firm. I wanted to fuck her in the ass!

I said “Anything, I want?” “Uh hum, anything at all, she
responded”. “Barb, would you like to watch me fuck her in the ass?
Want to see my cock in her ass?” “Oh yeah, but you’ve got to fuck me
also. I want you in my ass too. I want to watch you fuck her then me
also”. Carol moved so she was kneeling on the bed. Her tits hung down
and her tight ass was exposed to our view. Barb licked her pussy and
her ass hole to lube her up for me. My cock was still wet from Barb’s
blow job earlier. I knelt behind Carol and spread her gorgeous ass
cheeks. I guided my cock to her ass hole and pushed slowly. Her ass
reisted at first, but when I pushed a little harder, the head of my cock
entered her anal hole. Carol cried out lowly. I paused to allow her
spincter muscle to relax, then slowly slid the rest of my prick up her
ass. My balls rested against her pussy as my cock was fully planted in
her ass. I stayed still as Carol moved back and forth on my cock. She
built a rythm that took the entire length of my cock. It was fantastic!

Girls Sharing Soft Rod

I must have fell asleep for a while, but when I woke I felt a warm
mouth licking my cock and balls. Both Barb and Carol were sharing my
soft rod and taking my balls into their mouths. My staff started to
harden as first one hot mouth then the other would slide down it. It
was exciting to see my cock being passed from from one beautiful woman
to another. I laid back and enjoyed the scene. Barb smiled up at me.
“You were great, she said”. Carol moved up next to me and kissed me.
“I’ve wanted you for some time. When Barb suggested a trio, I couldn’t
wait. We were waiting for you to come home when things got a little out
of hand, and thats when you walked in”.

I said I thought it was wonderful. I knew Barb had a few bi
experiences before, but not recently. Carol said she and Barb do each
other once in a while, just for fun. Barbara was still sucking me. Her
head was sliding up and down my hard cock. Carol watched as my rod
disappeared into Barb’s mouth. “I can’t believe she can swallow that
whole thing, I can only get most of it in, but I bet she could even
take more.”

Cum Swap

Barb moved down and continued her sucking of Carol’s pussy while I
straddled her chest. Her tits were under me as I watched my cock slide
in and out of her mouth. Barb moved up and began to lick my ass hole
with her tongue. She was reaming me slowly with her tongue probing my
opening while I fucked her friend in the mouth. After a few minutes of
this Barb got me off Carol and turned her over onto her stomach. Her
ass was sticking in the air. It was perfect. Barb smiled at me and
licked Carol’s pussy. She guided me behind Carol and slowly guided my
cock into her friends pussy. My prick slowly sank into her cunt. Her
pussy lips closed over my head and pulled me deeper inside her. Barb
was squeezing her tit and guiding her movements as I pumped my cock
harder and harder into her warm pussy. I felt like I would explode. I
yelled I was about to cum, as Barb pulled my cock from Carol’s cunt and
lay under me with her mouth open. She yanked and jerked my rod until I
came into her open mouth. Load after load poured from my swollen cock
into her mouth and dripped down her face. The hot white cum was
puddling in her mouth. Her tongue rolled it back and forth as I
watched. She move up and shared her treat with Carol. They kissed
furiously as they moved my cum from mouth to mouth. Little lines of it
dripped from their mouths and down their chins. This was the wildest
act I had ever seen. We all fell back exhauseted.

Teen Lesbian Hotties

Barb moved next to Carol on the othe side and sticking out her
tongue, licked Carol’s lips. This wasn’t a kiss. Barb’s tongue licked
and slowly spread Carol’s lips until Barb was actually fucking Carol’s
mouth with her tongue. Her tongue moved in and out of Carol’s mouth
repeatedly. I stood to remove my clothes. My cock burst from my pants
and stood straight out. I knelt next to Carol with my cock inches from
her mouth. Barb raised her mouth from Carols and licked the head of my
prick. Slowly she slid her mouth over my member until it all
disappeared into her throat. Carol was watching this intently. Barb
took my cock from her mouth and gently rubbed it across Carol’s lips.
Her tongue darted out to lick it. My prick was rock hard. Her tongue
licking my cock head was like fire. I moved a little closer to Carol’s
head and as her lips parted,slid my prick into her mouth. It was
fantastic. She took about half of me in her mouth and her tongue was
playing up and down my shaft as she sucked. She was almost as good a
cock sucker as my wife.

Spreading long legs

I must have made some noise as they both stopped abruptly and looked
at me. Barb started laughing while Carol was trying to get under the
sheets. Obviously Carol did not expect me home. She was bright red
with embarrassment, unable to talk. I said nothing, but gave Barb a
long hard kiss. This seemed to relax Carol a bit. I leaned over her
and gave her also a long wet kiss, my tongue exploring her mouth. She
reacted in kind and sucked on my tongue. I slowly peeled the sheet
away exposing her naked, beautiful body. Her nipples were sticking out
straight and hard. Her chest was heaving up and down and I ran my
fingers over her tits and pinched her nipples. She closed her eyes and
relaxed completely as I explored her body. I moved my hand to her cunt
and gently spread her legs. Her pussy was still wet from my wife’s
mouth. I slowly inserted one finger in her pussy and moved it around.
A small whimper escaped from Carol. I continued to move my finger
around inside her cunt and squeeze her tits a little harder.