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Hard Clit

As I entered the house, I saw Carol’s coat and pocket book on the
chair. No one was around. As I walked towards the bedroom I heard
noises coming from down the hall. It sounded like someone was taking
the bed apart. Looking in, I saw my wife in an extremely heavy 69 with
Carol. Carol was on top with her ass towards me and Barb was sucking
her cunt. Barb’s head went up and down as she licked Carol’s by now
red pussy. I could see her tongue going in and out of Carols hole.
Carol’s ass was moving to meet the tongue that was lapping her pussy

I moved to the side and could see Carol’s mouth held firmly over my
wifes slit. She was shaking her head back and forth while she sucked
Barb’s clit into her hot mouth. Barb was arching her back to get more
of her cunt into Carol’s mouth. Barbs long legs were spread wide and
were moving in and out as her lover sucked harder on her clit.

She Was Perfect At Rim Job

After a wild fuck session one evening we bagan discusing what turned
us on the most. I said I loved to have my ass hole reamed. Barb was
very good at this. At times she would actually fuck my ass with her
tongue while she jerked me off.

Barb said she would like to watch me fucking one of her friends.
This idea sounded just fine to me. We talk a while about which of her
friends would be best and willing. She said Carol often said I turned
her on. Carol is one super piece of ass! She has short blond hair,
long legs and the greatest ass around. I got a hard on just thinking
about my balls bouncing off those firm cheeks. The thought of Barb
watching made it all the better. We decided to let Barb have a go at
setting it up.

About a month went by with no more discussion of it, when I came
home one afternoon and saw Carol’s car in the driveway. My cock went
straight to attention. I took my cock from my pants and stroked it a
few times in anticipation. Had to be careful I didn’t jerk off. Sure
didn’t want to waste any on a jerk job.